K9SSL - Michael R. 'Mike' Walker Director 2017 - 2018


Michael R. 'Mike' Walker
Fruitland Park, FL

QCWA # 34815
Chapters 173 and 62

It was many, many years ago (57 to be exact) that I was almost 17 years old and couldn't wait to get my "Amateur Radio License". I had bought a Novice license study guide at a radio/tv store in downtown Gary, Indiana, and thought I was ready to take the code & theory tests.

Problem was, I didn't know any Ham operators to give me the test! But my dad knew a friend who knew a guy who knew a Ham operator! A few weeks passed and my dad told me the ham operator had the test packet, and told me a time & day had been arranged for me to go to his house and take the test.

So after a half hour bus ride & a six block walk, I arrived at his house in downtown Gary. All I remembered about the Ham was that his name was Herb, and he was laying on his back in a bed in his living room. He had me send and copy the 5wpm code & told me I passed that part. Then the envelope with the written test was opened and I took the test, which then had to be mailed to the FCC office (in Chicago I think).

I really don't remember anything more about the visit to Herb's house. But after about a six week wait the much awaited envelope arrived from the FCC with my first license with call sign KN9SSL.

After these many years I learned that "Herb" was the same Herb Brier W9EGQ that wrote a Monthly column for Popular Electronics magazine titled "Among the Novice Hams", as well as countless articles in CQ & QST.

Three months later, after a trip to the Chicago FCC office, I had my General class license K9SSL.

From 1971 thru 1974 I held the call LU2EHQ while living in Argentina, K9SSL/KP4 while living in Puerto Rico from '74 thru '78, and K9SSL/YV4 while living in Venezuela from '79 thru '81. My XYL & I then lived in Ohio from '81 thru 2006, and now in Lake County Florida 'til the present day.

I am active in the Lake Amateur Radio Association (LARA) Club in Leesburg, Florida, ARES, and currently am president of the QCWA Golden Triangle Chapter 173 in Leesburg. I am active on HF, VHF/UHF, and DStar, using an IC7600, IC7100, ID880H, and an IC706MKIIG mobile.

January 19, 2018