Larry M. Keeran
San Antonio, TX

QCWA # 20007
Chapter 59
K9ORP - Larry M. Keeran

I served as the ARRL Illinois Section Communications Manager in 1981-82. Now, that position is just called Section Manager. I was also the ARRL AREC Emergency Coordinator for McLean County from 1971 to 2002. The name was changed to ARES later. Actually, before my appointment as the second EC of McLean County in 1971, the RACES organization was active and the position was called Civil Defense Deputy Director Radio Officer. My most recent appointment was Official Emergency Station with liaison to the National Weather Service office at Lincoln Illinois.

McLean County Emergency Services and Disaster Agency always has been the local coordinating agency. As McLean County ESDA unit CD-6 with the charge of coordinating Amateur Radio operators, I was one of the first volunteers and continued until my retirement. It is now called McLean County Emergency Management Agency ( http://www.mcleancountyema.org ).

The present McLean County Disaster Council was originally the McLean County Communications Committee in 1971. At that time, written communications agreements were necessary for agencies in McLean County to speak on ESDA's radio frequency. I served as chairman of that group for four years starting in 1970. I subsequently served one term as president of the Disaster Council which was a county wide organization relating to coordinating all emergency services so each group would be familiar with each others tasks during emergencies. That group continues today.

The Central Illinois Radio Club is the focus for all the Amateurs in the county and I have served as president in the '70's as well as in the '90's.

The Central Illinois Packet Radio Users Society, Inc. was formed in 1984 to coordinate cross-state digipeaters and gateways used in packet radio. I had served in the position of president during most of the lifespan of the organization.

The Quarter Century Wireless Association Chapter 59 has numerous members in the Central Illinois area. I have served as secretary-treasurer and as president until I moved.

The Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Society is the national group coordinating efforts to improve digital communications for Amateur Radio in the United States. I had been a member since it's beginning and last helped as APRS FTP manager.

The National Weather Service office in Lincoln had spearheaded their reporting and dissemination of information with the Automatic Position Reporting System. APRS operation was terminated at ILX in July 2009 by orders from NWS HQ. I was the first NWS-ILX APRS coordinator. I was the liaison to clubs and groups in the 35 county coverage area. I gave training talks on how to use the non-verbal digital APRS reports for safe weather spotting.

I enjoy HF, CW and travel now.


Larry M. Keeran,     retired

Photos from "the early days of 1959", and more recent contest activity.
K9ORP - Larry M. Keeran

K9ORP - Larry M. Keeran

K9ORP - Larry M. Keeran