K9LJB - Roger B. Whitaker
Field Day 2010 on 20 meter CW

Roger B. Whitaker
Springfield, IL

QCWA # 37025

Amateur Radio has been my hobby for over 50 years! (I started very young.)

K9LJB - Roger B. Whitaker
My ICOM IC-7200 and matching LDG IT-100 autotuner.
There's also a Kenwood TM741 VHF/UHF FM transceiver and an MFJ noise cencelling unit. It's all mounted in a rack cabinet with a 12 volt control and metering panel at the top. It can be run from the 12 volt power supply to the left, vehicle or battery power.

K9LJB - Roger B. Whitaker
This is my old 'rig', which I still have, it's the relatively rare Kenwood TS-130V transceiver, the low power version, with matching accessories. The keys are a Bencher paddle and a Hi-Mound 706 straight key. My antenna is a center fed 132 foot inverted-V with the center up 40 feet, fed with 300 Ohm twinlead.

My FCC assigned call sign since 1958 is K9LJB and I have an FCC Extra-class license. I have been active from my automobile on UHF and VHF voice FM as well as short-wave CW-QRP (code-very low power. Less than 5 watts). Yes, code from the car. I have some Collins, Hammarlund, WRL and Heathkit radio gear from the 50's (Do you remember tubes?). I also have a collection of telegraph instruments and memorabilia.

K9LJB - Roger B. Whitaker
On Sept 13, 2009 KC9IDX, Frank Anderson, and I volunteered for the Capital City Century 100 mile bike ride. Frank provided the deluxe accommodations.

March 29, 2016