K9ICP - Bruce J. Tisdale K9ICP

Bruce J. Tisdale
Greenwood, IN

QCWA # 34419

Hi Friend! If we recently met on the radio, thanks for the contact and coming to this site. If you had a QSO with me previous to 2011, you may have known me as KC9ICP. I hope that my long time friends will still recognize me with the shortened call. Either way I'm happy for the opportunity to meet you.

I have been a SWL and/or Ham operator most of my life. Currently my primary radio is a Yaesu FT-1000mp Mark V Field. Occasionally I operate with my backup rig which is a Kenwood TS-940S. While I have had an Ameritron AL-811 linear several years, I seldom use it as I enjoy the challenge of making contacts running barefoot. I have a 40 tower with a 5-band Hexbeam (20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m) and G5RV.

Unlike many ham operators, I am not an electrical engineer or technician. I work as a healthcare human resources director. Consequently, ham radio has been a wonderful diversion and opportunity to learn something different and meet many new friends. I particularly enjoy DXing, serving as a VE, and helping others get their license.

Well I hope we have a chance to meet again. Thanks for visiting! 73

November 10, 2014