K9HW - Harry E. Wilkins K9HW

Harry E. Wilkins
Crystal, MN

QCWA # 36564
Chapter 8

Welcome! I am a retired Broadcast Engineer who got started in that business through ham radio. Yes, that's me on the QSL card above. I'm the one on the right, the other one is Priscilla, my youngest and near constant companion.

First licensed in 1970 as a Novice, WN4PHZ, I upgraded to Advanced class later that year, changing the call sign to WB4PHZ. I've also held WA3TTE and WB9NAB before getting my extra in 1977 and acquiring K9HW.

I have been active, off and on, over the last 40 some years as I raised a family and worked for a living. With the family grown and myself a retired widower, I'm finally making ham radio my full-time occupation.

My new station consists of an IC 9100 utilizing a Comet 250B vertical at 20 feet. I have a complete set of satellite antennas (2 m, cm and 23 cm) to go on a Yeasu AZ-EL rotator as soon as I get a couple of tower sections erected in the backyard.

I am a life member of the ARRL (42 years), and a Volunteer Examiner, a member of AMSAT and the Quarter Century Wireless Association.

So if you hear me on the air and like to rag chew, give me a shout. 73's and I'll be looking for you on the log

October 3, 2014