K9DE - Robert J. 'Bob' Nellans K9DE

Robert J. 'Bob' Nellans
Argos, IN

QCWA # 30845

Formerly: KB9DE, WD9ABI, WC9ABI

Born 22 Sepember 1942, I first experienced amateur radio at age 3, and when again exposed to the avocation at age 5, I made some CW contacts. Accepting the fact that my parents did not have the funds for anything so frivolous, I did not become interested in obtaining my own amateur radio license until perhaps the age of 12. My letters to both the FCC and the ARRL were ignored, so it was many more years before I was licensed for both amateur and commerical radio.

Drafted into the Army during the Vietnam War, 1965, I programmed IBM mainframe computers, before suffering what were thought to be fatal injuries. Still alive after the third day, the massive hole in my chest was finally closed. The severed nerves in my right arm were reconnected some four months later.

In civilian life, after years of recovery from other injuries, that were likewise thought to be fatal, that were suffered in a motorcycle accident, in 1975, I earned five college degrees, including one degree in Electrical Engineering, and two degrees in Computer Science.

I belong to the Masons, the York Rite, the Scottish Rite, the Shrine, the IOOF, the Encampment, and the Patriarchs Militant.

My QCWA Life Membership number is 30845, K9DE

September 22, 2016