K8WMU - Philip J. Schmitt K8WMU

Philip J. Schmitt
Kalamazoo, MI

QCWA # 37841
First Call: WN8JKE Other Call(s): WA8JXE WJ8L W8WMU K8WM W8TEC

I turned my high school ham radio hobby into a career when I graduated with a major in Electronics from WMU in the early 70's. And the rest is history... Today I teach Electricity/Electronics and Renewable Energy at a technical college in Michigan... And I'm still "riding the wave out..."

Operating preferences are 80 and 40 CW, as well as ten and two meters SSB.

K8WMU - Philip J. Schmitt
The XYL and myself on a train excursion in southern Indiana,
where I was attending a weekend educators convention.

December 02, 2018