K8UP - June 27, 2011

K8UP - John F. Fleming John F. Fleming
Oak Park, MI
QCWA # 32372

John F. Fleming, Age 67, of Oak Park, died June 27, 2011. An Electrical Engineer, Mr. Fleming was a member of the Southfield Emergency Management Group, the Society of Motion Picture Televisioun Engineers, the Israeli Stamp Society and the Detroit Theater Organ Society. As a Ham Radio Operator, he was active with The American Radio Relay League, the Hazel Park Radio Club, the Southeast Michigan DX Association and the Mad River Radio ClubFuneral services at Hebrew Memorial Chapel in Oak Park.

from www.qrz.com
On June 27, 2011 my OM John K8UP became a silent key. The family decided to keep his call in the family. VK4TJF is now K8UP. You can learn more about the wonderful contributions that my dad made at www.fleming-photo.com . Thank you Sean my brother K8KHZ for converting Dad's photo website to a true memorial. He was a great Ham and Father. All those who knew him know that he is still sending CQ DX from the best DX entity there is. I have taken over his call sign K8UP so that his memory will live on. I also remember my mom Marsha Fleming talking on the repeater while driving me to scout camp. She is still a ham and her call sign is N8FE. She is also my QSL manager. My brother is Sean Fleming his call sign is K8KHZ and he is very active as well.