K8RQX - Bruce D. Dubin K8RQX

Bruce D. Dubin
Milford, MI

QCWA # 37372

Former call signs KN8RQX (as a novice) and WB8EQT as General, Advanced, and Extra. First licenesed in 1957 in the Detroit area and been active on the airwaves since that time. I have lived and operated in Detroit, MI, Denver, CO, Brookville, OH, Albany, Oh, Blacksburg, VA., Keller, TX, Aurora, CO, Shawnee, KS (suburb of Kansas City), and now back to Milford, Michigan, where I have retired.

I enjoy all modes of operation. Current equipment inlcudes Yaesu FTdx-3000, ICOM - ID51A for Dstar, ICOM - 880 in the mobile, and a KX3 for qrp. (Love the KX3-great qrp radio.). My favorite current antenna is an end-fed half wave multi-band wire antenna (myantnnas.com) up about 60 feet.

I've enjoyed travel over the years, some work related, other travels were personal trips. These include: Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, China, Hong Kong (during both British and Chinese rule), Thailand, Ecuador, Canada (Labrador, Northern Ontario incuding Moosenee, Churchill, Manitoba, Quebec, PEI, Port au Choix, Newfoundland, etc.) Russia, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Estonia, Norway, Finland, England, Greece, Sweden, Japan, and the Netherlands.

Other Hobbies include photography, aviation, sporting clays. Feel free to brose some of the photogrpahy at: Brucedubinphoto.com

By the way, I do enjoy paper QSL cards, and will gladly exchange with all.


K8RQX - Bruce D. Dubin

March 17, 2017