K8IZK - Robert E. 'Bob' Cole K8IZK

Robert E. 'Bob' Cole
Cincinnati, OH

QCWA # 20826

First licensed as Novice KN8IZK in 1958. Then as Technician K8IZK in 1959.Also General,K8IZK in 1959.Spent most of the 1960's on 40 & 80 meters CW and Six meters AM. Around 1970 due to a majorchange in my work schedule and a chance to return to my first love of flying airplanes I pulled the big switch on the radio room.

I returned briefly in 1985-86 and 1990-92 on Two meters. Then in 1996 got going in earnest on Two meters.

In the summer of 2003 got on Ten meters for the first time ever and really had a ball. Also bought a all band HF rig and a all band dipole and am now on almost all the HF bands.Have lived at the same QTH for 55 years. Spend a lot more time listening than talking.

life member of the-
ARRL,QCWA,10-10 INTERNATIONAL,SILVER WINGS AND A ANNUAL MEMBER OF SEVERAL LOCAL RADIO CLUBS. Hope to work many you wonderful amateurs on down the old log ....

73 Bob
Good in 3905 40ssb buro or direct.

January 18, 2017