James S. 'Jim' Huggins
Marietta, OH

QCWA # 34935
Chapter 4
K8HUG - James S. 'Jim' Huggins

I was a ham as a kid. I was a Novice class license holder and I think my call sign was WN8GCS. Well, I was 13 at the time and other things interfered with my hobby. Here I am, almost 40 years later, back into the hobby, and I really love it.

I llve in Marietta, OH, which is the first English speaking settlement in the Northwest Territory. We have Indian mounds throughout the city and the settlement was formed in 1787, because the federal government had no money to pay the Revolutionary War soldiers and gave them land instead in the Ohio Territory. "Marietta" is derived from Marie Antoinette, for whom the soldiers named the settlement.

I have lived here since 1981, after graduating from Ohio State University. It is a beautiful city. I have a wife, Kim, who puts up with my antics, including ham radio, and a daughter and a son, both of whom think I am eccentric when it comes to ham radio.

For some reason, I love the magic of the sky. I have always found it a marvel to sit in my backyard and talk to someone clear around the world. It truly is magical. I love the thrill of calling out CQ and someone taking the call from Ohio or Japan. The randomness of a general CQ is fascinating. In the summer, I love to also listen to baseball games, particularly my hapless Cleveland Indians. Baseball and radio are a great combination.

Well,in the shack I have an ICOM 746 PRO as my main rig and I have been harvesting an antenna farm lately. I have: 1. 135 foot Cobra Ultra Lite dipole (hangs E to W; broadside N to S); 2. 220 foot DX Enineering dipole (hangs N to S; broadside E to W); 3. 15M halfsquare (hangs E to W); and 4. 80M halfsquare (hangs E to W). I have many trees in my backyard, so hanging these antennas and getting them around vines and branches has been a challenge. My trees love to give support to the antennas so that I can talk to the good people of the ham community.

I love CW and have recently taken to PSK 31. I have a Begalli key that is just a work of art. I will be going to the Hamvention in May and probably buy another Begalli.

I am also starting to become intrigued with QRP.

I am an attorney and have practiced for almost 30 years. I have a dog that I got from the Humane Society named Sammi. She is just a great, loving dog and encourages me to exercise.

Well, to all my good friends in the amateur radio community--now and in the future--i will say 73 and hope to work you on the bands someday.

K8HUG/Jim Huggins

K8HUG - James S. 'Jim' Huggins

K8HUG - James S. 'Jim' Huggins

K8HUG - James S. 'Jim' Huggins

October 4, 2014