K8AJX - Frederick M. 'Fred' Beatty K8AJX

Frederick M. 'Fred' Beatty - K8AJX
Montgomery, AL

QCWA # 18316

I was first licensed as KN8AJX in early 1956 and dropped the "N" in the fall of that year. I was fairly active until 1959, when school and then military service took me off the air for a number of years. In the early 1980s I got back on and have been hamming continuously since from several locations in the United States and one overseas (Japan as KA6FB).

In 1988 I was assigned to a military base in Montgomery and settled here after retiring from the armed forces in 1993. Thereafter I started a second career teaching college history, from which I retired in June 2013. It's nice to be able to devote more time to hamming and related activities. I primarily pound brass, but also work QRP and the digital/weak signal modes now and then

We are an all ham family, incidentally. My wife, Marjie, is N4AJX, while daughter Anne's call is W4AJX and son Mike's, K4AJX

Hope to see you on the bands. 73!
QCWA Chapter 40
Central Alabama

K8AJX - Frederick M. 'Fred' Beatty

June 12, 2013