John M. 'Mike' Fuller
Dallas, OR

QCWA # 37133
Chapter 108
K7CIE - John M. 'Mike' Fuller

Yeah, I use my middle name "Mike" on the air. If in a QSO or on a QSL card - you call me .John., I will know that you looked up the information on me instead of receiving it over the air. ;=]}

On 24 December 2009, I celebrated my fifth year of being on the air and being retired. I am an older, primarily a CW operator with 99% of my contacts being in this preferred mode. I am still slow at my code speed. Thank you for being so patient and putting up my sending and receiving. I am getting better. I like chatting with new or rusty CW operators. I also have cats that love to help me send and receive CW.

I enjoy sending and receiving QSL cards. My station is modest and I do not work many DX or foreign stations. These QSL cards have graced the walls of my shack and have been responsible for exciting others to start the down road to amateur radio licensing. The information on the front and the nice words on the back have shown interested people what a great friendly bunch people hams are and one very fun aspect of this great hobby.

The .home made. K4IO Hexbeam that I made was broken in a heavy ice storm ice storm in 2000. Since then I have built and successfully used a Spiderbeam designed for 20m, 17m and 15m. Through some quirk of nature (still unexplained) also loads at less than 2.0 SWR on 30m, 12m and 10m.

I respond 100% to QSL cards. This means that if you send me your QSL card, you will receive one back. No SASE or postage required. I feel that receiving paper QSL cards in the mail is one of the more pleasurable aspects to our hobby. And it has certainly made for some interesting conversations with our mail person.

Thanks for dropping by!

July 20, 2016