K6RXU - Lenord C. 'Doc' Silvern K6RXU

Leonard C 'Doc' Silvern
Clarkdale, AZ

QCWA # 11173

To obtain more information about K6RXU -- please go to http://www.getcited.org/?MBR=11080176

The QTH is at the southwest edge of Clarkdale and southwest of the Tuzigoot National Monument. To view the satellite image and road map for K6RXU use the accompanying green button. The Yagi is located in the northeast corner of the building.

The SEARCH experiment (Systems Engineering Applied to Radio Communications by Hams) which began in 1976 is now in SEARCH/Phase 7.

K6RXU has updated and reinstalled the original Geology Subsystem for the U.S. and Canada. QSO's with those two countries will now include measurements of rock strata and ground/electrical conductivity under the other operator's QTH when propagation conditions permit.

K6RXU responds to electronic QSLs sent via eQSL. However, the traditional K6RXU QSL Certificate is issued without charge only to those operators who send their QSLs via the Bureau or directly.

Vy 73, Doc.

December 11, 2012