K6DF - Dennis G. Franklin K6DF

Dennis G. Franklin
Fremont, CA

QCWA # 28245

K6DF - Dennis G. Franklin

WN6JVZ This is a photo of my novice amateur radio station in 1971. Location was in Oakland, California. The transmitter was crystal controlled. My first DX QSO, ZL3JO, was made using this station on 21 Mc, Dec 16, 1971. The original Viking transmitter used an 807 tube for a final. I modified the Viking to use a 6146 to get a little more power. The crystal selector was home brewed using five octal tube sockets and a ten position rotary switch. Two FT-243 crystals could be plugged into each tube socket for a total of ten crystals. The receiver is a National NC-270.

K6DF - Dennis G. Franklin

October 09, 2015