Edward W. Garland
San Antonio, TX

QCWA # 33859
Chapter 38
K5WSX - Edward W. Garland

I was first licensed in 1959 when I was 17. My dad, W5ASL, was a life-long ham and got me interested in amateur radio. My interest led me to get an electrical engineering degree from Tulane University. After college I entered the Air Force and flew F-4s, T-37s, T-33s, C-1`24s, C-130s and C-5s on active duty and in the reserves for almost 30 years. In my regular job I worked as a civilian employee for the Air Force as an engineer and senior manager. After retirement, I have worked as an engineer for several contractors.

In June 2009, I will have been a ham for 50 years. Currently I operate on all the HF bands on SSB, CW and PSK.

February 7, 2015