K5TQN - April 11, 2000

Lawrence F. Amann
Denver CO

Lawrence F. Amann, K5TQN, of Denver, Colorado, who was involved over the years in getting young people involved in Amateur Radio, died April 11. He was 82. Licensed at age 17, Larry Amann contributed time, equipment and money on a regular basis to the area Amateur Radio youth group, the Boulder Amateur Radio Club Juniors. His seed money established a scholarship fund for the BARC Jrs. He challenged the BARC adults to match his donations to send BARC Jrs to the Dayton Hamvention to speak at the Youth Forum. He authored articles in ARRL's Proceedings of the ARRL National Educational Workshop annual publication for Amateur Radio instructors and recruiters. While living in Florida, he worked with Karl Lambert, KB4DCR, to get 12 schoolteachers licensed and running Amateur Radio groups in their classrooms.