James B. 'Bruce' Burnette
Broken Arror, OK

QCWA # 32171
K5PX - James B. 'Bruce' Burnette
operating as ZF2PX

First licensed as WN4PPX in Georgia way back in the 8th grade, a long time ago. I moved to Oklahoma in 1981, and was going to be there for five years! That worked out well, I'm still here 31 years later.

I became NW5H, (terrible CW call), and then received my current call of K5PX.

My main operating is now contesting. I really like(and seem to do well) in the WPX contest using the "Boomer Contest Club" call of NN5Z.

Thanks to all who have worked me over the years.

Bruce, K5PX

K5PX - James B. 'Bruce' Burnette

May 20, 2013