Mark Mc Gilvray
Cashion, OK

QCWA # 37255
Chapter 63
K5MRK - Mark Mc Gilvray

I started out on 11meters in 1974 with a Siltronic 1011-c then purchased a Ten Tec Triton IV in 77 and then later on a Ten Tec Omni V which I still have for a back-up and a Elecraft K-3 in 2008. I made a lot of world wide contacts on 11 meters and a lot of good freinds. I received my Trch license on Feb 3,1992 and upgraded to Extra in Apr 2007 all no code. I have alot of Vhf & Uhf radios and antennas for HF I have a Traffe Hex-beam for 20 through 10 meters also a Imax 2000 ground plane that works 12 through 10 meters a 40 meter windom at 32ft and 75 meter double bazooka at 45ft I mostly work 75 &40 meters, I like to rag chew but not contest and I do QSL.

I retired from Greyhound Lines,Inc. as a bus driver for 33yrs in 2006 and my spouse Judy retired in 2009 from Cashion Schools as a Librarian after 30yrs. I have two children and three grandchildren all grown that live in the state of Washington. I like fishing and camping.


K5MRK - Mark Mc Gilvray

January 03, 2017