K4UZM - David L. 'Larry' Slawson K4UZM

David L. 'Larry' Slawson
Merritt Island , FL

QCWA # 37751
First Call: N2VRC Other Call(s): K1UZM K4UZM

My Wife Kath, W2KAT, and I live on Merritt Island, Florida USA, about ten miles South of Kennedy Space Center. The ham shack contains a TS-440 for digital HF modes, a FT-736R for VHF and UHF all modes, an IC-746 PRO for HF. I also have a CS-700 for DMR. Some of our antennas we have are a W9INN dipole, a A3S Beam on a 45 foot crank up tower and a 30 foot tower for the VHF-UHF stuff.

I enjoy doing QRP out in the woods, I use a FT-817 and most of the time it is in SSB mode.

The QRP club that I belong to is The Polar Bears. I am PolarBear #31, also known as Hippie Bear. (http://www.n3epa.org/Pages/PolarBear.htm)

Also the Space Coast QRP Group. Click to join Space_Coast_QRP_Group

K4UZM - David L. 'Larry' Slawson

July 19, 2018