K4STE - Paul H. Lilly K4STE

Paul H. Lilly
Bedford, VA

QCWA # 34885
Chapter 202

First licensed in 1960 as KN4STE. Have been licensed as HI8XPH and HS2ADG. Active on HF SSB mobile and at our new home built on our farm -Winds Aloft - as well as VHF and UHF. Recently retired from the USAF as a Colonel, Chief Flight Surgeon and F-15E WSO. Specialist in Aerospace Medicine, Occupational Medicine and Family Practice. Appointed as a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner. Active pilot with an Airline Transport License multiengine land, Commercial pilot Single engine and a certificated Flight Instructor Airplane and Instruments. Deputy Sheriff and Medical Examiner for Bedford County, Virginia

April 20, 2017