Charlie W. Carpenter
Shorter, AL

QCWA # 37899
Chapter 40
XYL; WB4BOJ, Frances, Q# 37904

First Call: KA5EAV       Other Call(s): KA2CC(JAPAN), KA2CC/JD1M, WU5CWV and W5NMX

EX KA5EAV, KA2CC, KA2CC/JD1m, WU5CWC, W5NMX, & now K4SHA (Sweet Home Alabama)

The KA2CC call sign is not a State side call when I was issued it. The FCC reserved the KA 2X2 call signs for U.S. Militarty and civilian employees of the U.S. Government in Japan. Before WW2 it was the prefix for the Philippines. Since Japan started issueing recip license, most have forsaken the KA prefix for the 7J prefix. I operated in Japan from 1980 to 1991, at Camp Zama. Since returning to the States, I've yet to hear any KA's broadcasting from Japan. While working in Japan I made four or five trips to Minami-Torishima.

So many ways to QSL! And the ARRL bureau has gotten to expensive for me. I'm an OT, QSLing is part of the contact. Besides sending QSL cards by mail, for me the next best thing is the EQSL system, AG version.

So, for me I will go the EQSL way, AG style. If it's not AG it will not be accepted by most award system, includeing CQ magazine's USA-CA. They only accept AG EQSL's. And I am a County Hunter, so if you do belong to the EQSL system, and are not AG, please upgrade.

As far as direct, send an SAE and I'll return a card to you. Please , NO POSTCARDS, they are mutilated most of the time, and the Post Office over writes some info at times. And the SAE will get you a "clean" and neat QSL card. "SAE?", Self Addresses Envelope, no stamp required.

The "shack" is far left on the house. Antenna other than wires is a Gap Titan, somewhat visible in the picture also on the left side of house.

We now have 5 General or above amateur radio operators in Macon Cnty, Alabama! My wife took the exam and passed. She had let her license expire after a fire destroyed her home and all her radio related gear many years ago. At that time she was "WB4BOJ", or as she says, "WB4 Bundle Of Joy". She was issued KN4HLN by the FCC, she applied for a vanity call and got her old call sign back, WB4BOJ. She likes Bundle Of Joy better than Head Line News! I'm very proud of her. Now for the "tug and pull" for the mic!

Life is good, praise Him.

K4 Sweet Home Alabama

K4SHA - Charlie W. Carpenter

January 27, 2019