K4NYI - Hugh D. 'Doug' Wright K4NYI

Hugh D. 'Doug' Wright
Acworth, GA

QCWA # 36935
Chapter 49

Nickname: Doug

First licensed in Adel, GA as KN4NYI (1961). Have been an Extra class licensee since the mid-70's and also held an FCC First Class Radiotelephone with Radar endorsement back when they were issuing them.

Served 5 years in the Navy (Great Lakes, USS Praire, Treasure Island, Lemoore NAS) as an Electronics Technician before joining Hewlett-Packard in 1973 for a thirty year period in the test and measurement field; initially as a repair and calibration technician; then after completing college, marketing and sales. Later, worked with Tektronix and Rohde & Schwarz before retiring in 2011.

I've recently started using the digital HF modes and enjoy them immensely. They work great for me since I limited to a stealth dipole and relatively low power. Also enjoy CW with the Straight Key Century Club.

The station currently consists of a TS-590SG and TS-440SAT. Antennae are a doublet fed with 450 ladder line and an end-fed half-wave dipole.

Other hobbies include flying and woodworking.

Former calls: KN4NYI - WB4CRE - WB6CSL - AD6N - KMØH - AA4GP

K4NYI - Hugh D. 'Doug' Wright

January 13, 2016