John E. Owings
Harvard, MA

QCWA # 33825
Chapter 134
K4LSX - John E. Owings

I was first licensed as KN4LSX in 1956...upgraded to General as K4LSX at end of one year as Novice...BSEE degree from Christian Brothers University in Memphis...Grad. School in EE at Northeastern Univ. in Boston...also hold FCC General Radiotelephone License with Ship Radar...Served in US Navy as 1st. Radio Operator (it was all CW then!), 2nd Radar and Julie Op. on Lockheed Neptune SP2 ASW a/c...participated in Cuban Quarantine with Patrol Squadron 26 based at NAS Brunswick, Maine...ultimate rank AT1(AC)...left Memphis "forever" after college...living in New England since...worked for Raytheon and TRW Systems Group in microwave communications...then for a short while writing modeling software for engineers with no computer literacy (pre PC days)...upgraded to Extra in mid/late 60s...also held callsigns WA1IKG & N1RR...ultimately returning to original callsign - K4LSX...also operate from our camp in Maine as K4LSX/1...other than Ham Radio interests are fishing, hunting, hiking, motorcycles and spending as much time as possible with my wonderful XYL at our camp in Maine and riding our BMW motorbike together...we have two grown children and five grandchildren. Our son is also a ham - KB1VUZ.

Member of ARRL, SOWP, QCWA, FISTS, OOTC (#4604), Masons, Navy Amateur Radio Club (K4NAR #730), C.T.C. #2933, Scottish Rite, Shriners and Rotary International - Senior Active, PHF, Life member NRA, member of Gun Owners Action League and TEA Party supporter.

THERE IS NO PLACE FOR "Q" signals in voice communications!!!

And always remember - If you think you are in control, then you just aren't going fast enough!

73, John

May 12, 2015