C Vincent 'Vince' Baker
Tucson, AZ

QCWA # 37030
Chapter 16
K4HHX - C Vincent 'Vince' Baker

Hello, I am Vince Baker, K4HHX in Tucson, AZ. 3/4 of century along.The picture above is the view of the Catalina Mtns from the shack. I am back on HF after a LONG absence. This current journey was inspired after I retired from a 50 year career in aerospace by KW7CD (Cornell) and KB7AZ (Carl) , 2 fellow retirees. Getting back on the air is taking more time, more effort, a lot of catching up on technology, and certainly more $$$ than I had imagined. BUT my persistence has been worth it. Currently my interest is digital PSK modes but I plan to include CW, SSB, RTTY and the more exotic digital modes. Contests and awards no longer interest me, I have many legacys through community service. I am more of a "DIYer," tinker, and QSO or rag chewer.

Currently QSLs are only through eQSL.

The current effort involves installing antennas and equipment in very ham unfriendly QTH. I have a small lot with little room for antennas plus a decorative tin roof. The appearance is controlled by a HOA. I purchased from KB7AZ the following:Yaseu FT -950, MFJ 941D tuner and Rigblaster Pro. I had a custom computer built with many USB ports, much storage and processing but limited software dedicated to HRD and my weather station display (Weather Display and DAVIS Vantage Vue) on 2 screens. I had to move the weather sensor to accomodate the ham antennas. I also have a 2m/70cm hand carry.

My biggest challenge has been antennas. The tin roof precludes attic antennas. My current (3rd attempt) is a pair of opposing 7 ft 40m sticks on a DIY mount with a Balun about 14 ft up at center. 20m antenna has two pairs of opposing horizontal 3ft sticks with a DIY mount on a boom with a rotating mast about 18 ft up.The sticks are out of phase endfire (reverse the Balun output at one end.) The mast sits on wooden square pole that looks like a support to the patio roof. I used sticks because the turning radius is limited to 17 ft. It is directional and is partial hidden by the tin roof. The roof does modify the pattern. I have another scheme in mind.

My orginal journey began right after WWII when my father was stationed in Japan with the occupation forces. The Signal Corp had ham station that he operated. He never obtained his real license (Morse Code.)

In 1954 at 13 I past the novice and was assigned the call KN6IEV. I upgraded to general the next year but also suffered from "Morse Coditis" so didn't pass the code part of the Extra and settled for the Advanced ticket. I don't recall when. I was active on 40,20 and 15 m on CW, AM and later SSB.

I got my current call in 1972 when I moved to Huntsville, AL and kept it when I moved to Tucson in 1996.

While in Huntsville I worked mostly 2m nbfm and was involved in the RACES emegency weather net. On occasion I even sat next to the weather radar operator and relayed the information on the scope to the EOCs. Other activities included volunteer firefighter/paramedic. I was 3 times elected to public office, once in AL and twice in AZ. My XYL and I like to travel. We have our "VAC" - Vistited all 7 Continents plus 30 countries.

K4HHX - C Vincent 'Vince' Baker

K4HHX - C Vincent 'Vince' Baker

April 01, 2016