K4BHW - February 10, 2004

Bud Greenless, K4BHW

K4BHW (SK)Bud Greenless K4BHW (3/7/1917-2/10/2004) being presented 65 year QCWA award by Joyce Anderson K4EER (President of the Treasure Coast Chapter of the QCWA).

Bud has been a licensed Amateur Radio Operator since 1935. Bud was a member (and severed as an officer of the following organizations) Vero Beach Amateur Radio Club; Treasure Costers Repeater Ass. the locate chapter of the QCWA and the St. Lucies Repeater Ass.

Bud was so one the founders (also held many offices over the years) of the Vero Beach Computer Group. BUD will be greatly missed by the local community.

Tuesday will not be as bright without Bud

Photo courtesy of Joyce (K4EER) and Woody (K4EBK) Anderson.