K3VYY - J. Richard 'Dick' Hanna K3VYY

J. Richard 'Dick' Hanna

QCWA # 35827
Chapter 6

I have been a ham since 1962, first licensed as KN3SVL. Back then we took our tests at the Federal Bldg in Pittsburgh, PA. On my first sttempt at General I failed, and the FCC had lost my license from my application, so on my second attempt I passed! I was issued my present call!

Newest rig is an ICOM IC-7600 and love it.

I enjoy working on old radios.

Latest acquisition is the AN/GRC-109. I had to replace the power cord which was severely worn and dry rotted, but have done that and plan on having the rig on the air for SKN!

The bottom shelf is the Drake Equipment. MN2000, TR4C, R4C, and T4XC.

Top Shelf has a Uniden "President" HR2510, ans ICOM IC-2710, and a YAESU FT-817ND, along with the ICOM IC-7600, the Collins KWM-2A, and 30L1 amplifier.

The XYL is WB3BHJ, Son Doug is N4YKQ, and other son Brian is KF7ORO having gotten his license in 2011.

I enjoy all modes, and work Digital PSK, Olivia etc with an ICOM IC-706MKIIG, Also enjoy CW and SSB. Also like to work QRP!

Hope to see you on the air! I like "real" QSL cards, will reply to any I receive. I do DX cards by the bureau.

K3VYY - J. Richard 'Dick' Hanna

January 23, 2015