K3JRR - Lawrence T. 'Larry' Harrison K3JRR

Lawrence T. 'Larry' Harrison
Criders, VA

QCWA # 31705
Chapter 91

Hi, my name is Larry...

I was first licensed in 1959, and have been continuouslylicensed since. I operate bands 160 through2 Meters, CW, AM, NFM, and SSB. My favorite modes are CW and AM, and favorite bands are 160, 75/80, 40, and 20. I am a collector of Heathkit, E F Johnson and Collins radios from the late 40s on. I have the complete line of EFJ gear that was marketed.

I am a life member of ARRL, QCWA, PVRC, AWA, and AMI. I am a member of CCA, MARA and PVARA. have DXCC 160 plus others.

73, Larry

K3JRR - Lawrence T. 'Larry' Harrison

December 16, 2015