K3DD - C Dale Dermott K3DD

C. Dale Dermott
Lamar, MO

QCWA # 36203
Chapter 180

I live in rural southwest Missouri, where I've placed these antennae on an 80-foot Heights aluminum tower: Cushcraft A3WS (18/24 MHz) beam, M2 2M5WL (144MHz), M2 21ATV (432MHz), and on top, a M2 6M5X (50 MHz). Hanging off the tower I have two wire antennae: a 160M windom and a 60M dipole sloper.
K3DD - C Dale Dermott

Looking for DX on 17M and anything within 450 miles or so on 6M, 2M, and 70cm.

K3DD - C Dale Dermott
In my early teens, I was an avid shortwave listener using a Hallicrafters S-41G and an old army tank receiver, both gifted to me by my elmer/uncle Phil Hurst (WØQPS).

K3DD - C Dale Dermott
In late 1969 at the age of 15, I obtained my novice license, WNØYYR, which became WAØYYR about three months later when my code speed improved enough to get the Advanced class license. In my late high school years, I was working the world with a Mosley TA-36 and a National NCL-2000 amplifier driven by a Heathkit SB-101A.

Not much ham activity, especially on the HF bands, as I worked in various places during my 20s, 30s, and 40s and lived in progressively larger cities where objections to antennae seemed to be everywhere. When I moved out of Washington, DC to the Blue Ridge Mountains in 2004, I briefly obtained my uncle's oldcall, WØQPS, and established a 1.8MHz-1296MHz station, focusing on weak signal activity. At this time, I took the final step up to Extra class and obtained the vanity call K3DD reflecting my initials.

Enjoy this great hobby in all it's dimensions!

73, Dale

July 15, 2016