K2UGH - December 22, 2004

Mike Gurks
VP Chapter 196

K2UGH - Mike GurksMike was licensed for 48 yrs with the same call, Stella, his XYL is WB2FAU. I he held a secondary call KP4FDQ from Luquillo, PR , His major interest were DX and rag chewing. Operating capabilities are 160m - 70cm SSB , FM , AM , PSK-31 , RTTY , CW , SSTV

Equipment: at station Icom 756PRO , Heath 2060 Antenna Tuner , Heath SB-200 , Kenwood TL-922 , Alinco DR590 , YEASU FT 7100 , Pentium III 850mhz computer , Antennas: 160 - 40m Traped Diopole , 10 - 20m Mosley CL-33 triband , 6m Saturn halo , 2m Cushcraft Yagi , 70cm Cushcraft Yagi.

Mike was Affiliated with: ARRL , VE/VEC , VP Of Chapter 196 QCWA , OOTC , Radio Club Of America (Fellow) WAS , WAC , DXCC , ARRL Technical Specialist for (LEE COUNTY, FL) also ARRL Local Goverment Liaison, VP and Technical Director for the Gulf Coast Area Repeater Club

As remembered by Tad Burik-K3QC

A few years ago I got a call on an HF band and met Mike Gurka, K2UGH. Since then Mike and I got to be good friends. He became the vice president of Chapter 196, QCWA. Mike has been a ham since 1956 and ole 'kilowatt Mike' has been known to be a ham's ham.

I would like to mention some of Mike's accomplishments and hope that his friends remember him from way back when. His love for electronics never ended. Mike retired as an electronic engineer and was the president and chief executive officer of Atlantis Electronics.

The Radio Club of America selected Mike to be a Fellow. That is a top notch honor from a group of peers and it has to be earned the hard way.

While living in another state Mike served as a bank director. When he moved to Florida with his wife Stella, WB2FAU, he was very active in the ham radio community. Mike assisted the local hams by being the ARRL Technical Specialist for South Florida Section, the ARRL Local Government Liaison and the vice president of the Gulf Coast Area Repeater Club.

As a young man Mike served our country faithfully in the Air Force overseas. Now, my friends, Mike is again soaring with the eagles. He will be forever missed. 73 es cul om .

Tad Burik, K3QC