CALL - Stanley S. 'Stan' Hazen K2SSB

Stanley S. 'Stan' Hazen
Charlottesville, VA

QCWA # 31163
Chapter 155

Stan passed (on the second try!) his Class B license exam in 1949 in Boston, MA, and was issued the call W1SCF. He passed his Class A exam the next year. In 1957, he moved to Rochester, NY, and, on applying for [the then required] modification received the call K2SSB (the Advanced Class version of an expired Novice Class call). (At the time, he operated only CW, using a 'home-brew' transmitter.) He passed his Extra Class exam at the 1978 Rochester Hamfest. Although he was eligible for a 'two letter' call, naturally he chose to keep the call K2SSB. Likewise, he retained it upon moving to Charlottesville in 1997. He is a past president and Life Member of Rochester Amateur Radio Association and a past president of Albemarle Amateur Radio Club. An ARRL member since 1946, he is a Life Member. He is active chiefly on two meters, although he enters the Sweepstakes each fall and the Virginia QSO Party each spring. He joined QCWA in 2001; in 2010, he became Chapter 155 President.

August 12, 2012