K1VOI - John W. Plaster K1VOI

John W. Plaster
Hampden, MA

QCWA # 31360
Chapter 183

My name is John Plaster and I live in Hampden, Massachusetts which is located 10 miles east of Springfield, MA.

I was first licensed in 1962 as KN1VOI but became inactive for a number of years before getting back into the hobby.

My primary HF radio is a Yaesu FT-5000 along with an Ameritron ALS-600 amplifier. I always try to work stations barefoot but will use the amplifier when all else fails. Microphones are a Yaesu MD-100 and a Heil Pro Set Elite. Also use an all band Yaesu FT-897 for both home and portable operation.

The HF antennas are a Mosley 5-band beam up 50 feet, multi-band dipole, and a 40 meter delta loop. For the VHF and UHF bands I use a Cushcraft A270 beam along with a Diamond vertical both mounted above the Mosley.

K1VOI - John W. Plaster
Other hobbies include riding my Honda 1100 motorcycle
K1VOI - John W. Plaster
and vacationing out west with my XYL Chris, K1CPS

January 23, 2015