K1TG - Roger W. Kuchera K1TG

Roger W. Kuchera
Naugatuck, CT

QCWA # 30484
Chapter 149

I started out as WN1TGG (Novice) in April, '74; thence to WA1TGG (Advanced) in June '76 and finally as an Extra in '77. I got K1TG in November, '82. Except for a short period of tinkering with RTTY my operating has been all CW. I have never, ever used SSB or AM. If you worked K1TG on 'phone, you worked a pirate!

There is nothing amazing about my modern equipment or sky wire. I run an ICOM IC-7700 and when needed an amplifier. Antennas include a 5-band Hex beam, 30 meter dipole and 40/80 meter inverted vee.

I have an interest in homebrew/commercial gear of the 1930s. On occasion I will run my Xtal-controlled, 3 tube, 50 watt TX ('34). There are a number of RX to choose from; 2-tube blooper ('34), SW-3 ('34), homebrew 8 tube superhet ('35), ('34) National FBXA, RME-69. I built or restored them all. The pix shows the TX and that's a RME-69('36).

I can thank the US Navy for my electronics training. I served aboard an old WW2 tincan (DDE-860).

I retired from the computer business in 2001.

My various memberships are: FISTS # 10462, QRP-ARCI # 7481, 10-10 # 60188, QCWA # 30484, AWA.

Awards:(All CW) WAS, WAC, DXCC (313 confirmed), WAZ, H-26, 5BDXCC, RCC, A1-Op, IOTA-200, 5BWAS plus 30,17 and 12.

I still keep a full paper log and will QSL upon receipt of your card. I DO NOT use LoTW or eQSL. Pasteboards only!

73, K1TG/Roger.

May 06, 2015