K1CGZ - Paul J. Cereste K1CGZ

Paul J. Cereste
West Bath, ME

QCWA # 36999
Chapter |152|134|

I retired from my job in January, 2014! More time for fishing, ham radio, and other interests.

In addition to my current home in West Bath, ME, my family has a summer cottage on Peaks Island, ME (IOTA NA-137). I am QRV from the island usually from June through September. I stayed year round on the island for 2-1/2 years in the recent past, but have now returned to the mainland.

I lived in and operated from Wiscasset, ME, for about 35 years.

My XYL and I "snowbird" to Marco Island, FL, for a few months in the winter. When there, we live in a small condominium apartment. Definately a challenge for pursuing the ham radio hobby. I can access a few VHF/UHF repeaters, both analog and D-star. I also have a DVAP connected to a Raspberry Pi as a D-star hotspot which works quite well. For HF I have a dipole in the livingroom for 20 M. It leaves a lot to be desired. I also have a painter's pole with two hamsticks configured as a dipole for 40 M. I lash the pole to a tree stump outside the apartment when I want to get on 40, but I can't leave it set up. I have been experimenting with an end fed wire for 20 M. If I can find a way to rig it outside in a stealthy way it will probably be my best bet.

I've been licensed and active in Ham radio since 1961.

Member of FISTS Club, ARRL, Bull Net (75 M), and SKCC. I also dabble in QRP. I recently acquired a D-STAR HT and have been learning that piece of the hobby. I frequently monitor the KS1R D-STAR gateway repeater in Brunswick, ME.

Other interests include fishing, photography, trap shooting, occasional hunting, bicycle riding, geocaching, and eating in restaurants frequently.

My Peaks Island QSL card is shown below. I can see 4 lighthouses from the road on the east side of the island. Portland Headlight (the QSL image) is one of them. Note: printing error - the card says "FN-53" but Peaks Island is actually in "FN-43." My fixed station in West Bath and my previous QTH in Wiscasset are both in FN-53.

K1CGZ - Paul J. Cereste

February 28, 2016