KØYCN - Mont T. O. Leary KØYCN

Mont T. O. Leary
Dallas, TX

QCWA # 29501
Chapter 41

I was licensed in 1959 as a novice with the call KNØYCN in Baxter Springs, Kansas, This call soon became KØYCN when I passed the technician exam. While I was in high school I had a lot of fun with many old WW2 surplus transmitters and receivers. Then I entered college and as my studies took over my time I let my license expire. I spent the next 30 years working for IBM in marketing and management positions which involved several moves around the country. I regained my old call when I again became active in amateur radio as I neared my retirement from IBM in 1995. My wonderful wife, Sandra, is pictured above and is also an amateur radio operator. Her call is K7SLW.

I am a life member of the ARRL and the Dallas Amateur Radio Club. I am also active in the Plano Amateur Radio Klub and the Richardson Amateur Radio Club. I also belong to the Quarter Century Wireless Association and I am a life member of the Old Old Timers Club. I volunteer at the Frontiers of Flight Museum and Meals on Wheels in Dallas and in several other social support functions in the area. These keep me pretty well occupied during the week.

My primary station is in my study at home. It is composed of a FlexRadio model FLEX-6700 software defined radio driving an Icom model IC-PW1 amplifier using a MicroHam Station Master. I also have a second station in my garage workshop with a FlexRadio model FLEX-5000A software defined radio driving another ICOM model IC-PW1 amplifier and it also uses a MicroHam Station Master. Both of the amplifiers are connected to 75 Meter and 40 Meter double bazooka dipoles and a Cushcraft R6000 vertical for 20 thru 6 meters using a MicroHam dual input automatic antenna switch. My primary operating modes are SSB and various digital modes. I also do a little of the old AM mode at 3.890 MHz. Both stations also have Icom 2720 transceivers that cover the 2 meter and 70 centimeter bands. My primary station also has a Kenwood TK-981 for the 900 mHz band.

Up until a few years ago we also had a weekend lake home about 60 miles east of Dallas. Out there I had a free standing 72 foot motorized commercial tower with a Tennadyne 12 element log periodic antenna. Those were the days -- now I keep the home antennas fairly well hidden so they don't annoy us or our neighbors. You can walk or drive by our house and never know that two hams live here which keeps everyone happy.

Thanks for coming by to read this bio!

73 and let's have a QSO.


January 11, 2015