KØVJ - Rick D. Kaumeier KØVJ

Rick D. Kaumeier
Littleton, CO

QCWA # 34308
Chapter 58

I'm a townhouse dweller operating in stealth mode as so many of us seem to be doing today. My rig is a Ten Tec Argonaut V feeding an attic dipole - if you've heard me on the bands, I consider myself lucky! Despite the modest setup I enjoy each and every QSO. My ham interests include boatanchors, homebrew tube gear, old radio books & magazines, propagation, QRP, and CW, with the low end of 40m being my favorite hangout. I've been licensed since 1983 and am a member of the ARRL, QCWA, and FISTS. It's been a lot of fun.

My career background has been a pleasant mix of aviation and electronics. I was an aviation electronics technician in the Navy through the 80s, taught electronics classes for the Navy as a civilian with San Diego Community College District, repaired land mobile radio gear as a Motorola tech, and was the Airbus Fleet Tech Manager with Frontier Airlines in Denver. I'm currently an aviation tech writer with the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Division of the Sierra Nevada Corporation.

My non-ham interests include aviation & aviation history, shooting sports, astronomy, Linux, and Old Time Radio. I'm an inactive private pilot - I've found that if you have a problem with too much money, flying for fun will make that problem disappear quickly!

The photo above is me in the bombardier's seat of the Experimental Aircraft Association's B-17G "Aluminum Overcast" in the summer of 2006, a flight I've wanted to make since I was a kid.

See you on 7030 KHz!

73, Rick

ARRL Life Member, QCWA 34308, FISTS 10999, SKCC 1269

March 1, 2015