KØPSH - 27 July, 2006

Richard 'Dick' Daggett
Spring Valley, MN
QCWA Number 30097

Hello all...I am announcing the sad passing of my Father Richard (Dick) Daggett KØPSH (Silent Key) on July 27th 2006. I believe he was a long standing member of the QCWA. Please pass on the news to anybody who would like to know. I am Dads #3 son Randy, KØBCA, and look forward to continuing our presence in your fine organization. I look foreward to meeting you all...Thank You.

Randall Daggett

Dick's interests included operating on 20, 15 and 10 meters HF, Community service, Mobile and Portable operations. He enjoyed operating AMTOR, Digital modes, FM, Internet, Multimode, Packet, RTTY and SSB. (from www.buck.com)