KØCY - Robert S. 'Bob' Mc Caffrey KØCY

Robert S. 'Bob' Mc Caffrey
Boone, IA

QCWA # 14704
Chapter 123

I was first licensed in the fall of 1955 as KNØEJZ,/KØEJZ a call I held until passing my Amateur Extra Class ticket and assigned KØCY. I have been active for most of this time except for the time I attended Drake University, in pursuit of a pharmacy degree,

I am currently serving as Section Manager for Iowa and previously I have served as EC, DEC, Section Communication Manager and Section Manager for Iowa. I was active with AMSAT during the OSCAR VIII era. I am a Life member of the ARRL, AMSAT, a member of QCWA (Ch 123) and Fists (#7047), and the 3900 Club.

I have taught several Ham Radio entry level classes within Adult Education and have served as VE, since it's inception with both ARRL and W5YI.I assisted setting up an emergency Amateur station for the Banner Hospital System in AZ, during my time in Page AZ.

I enjoy all facets of the hobby, including DXing, APRS, NTS, Ragchewing done primarily on CW. I even attempt kit building.

Since I am retired I find that I have more time to spend in ham radio and enjoy it every much.

I attempt to QSL 100%, direct or through the bureau., LOTW, QSL collecting is very rewarding.

My current equipment consists of A Knwd TS2000, Knwd TS 590SG, Knwd TS 570D, Knwd TS480, TS830S, HW 8,using a G5RV, OCFD and 80M Dipoles along with a Hygain Patriot Vertical.

December 14, 2015