KØCOM - Michael L. 'Mike' Sell KØCOM

Michael L. 'Mike' Sell
Bloomington, MN

QCWA # 37647
Chapter 8

Current Operations
Effective October 2011 - Bloomington Minnesota (en34) - home of the Bush Lake Ski Jump

Prior Operations -
Effective June 2002 through August 2011 - Thornton Colorado (dm79)
Effective January 1993 to May 2002 - Plymouth MN (en34)

I gravitate toward old school ham radio - glowing tubes warming my shack, wisps of solder smoke in the air, wire antennas hung from a tree.

DX'ing - here new technology also gets my attention. An Elecraft K-Three does most of the DX'ing duties. Recently added a Yaesu 991A for digital modes, bull crap to some of my old school friends. As you see from my log, I've been active on FT8.

Recent achievment - 5 BDXCC #8989
High level AM - E.F. Johnson and Collins transmitters, Collins 75A-one & four receivers handle the vintage AM work, mostly on 75 meters. Come take a listen mornings on 3730 or 3825 khz and say hi. I've owned the Desk Kilowatt transmitter for 20 years... longer than any other radio in the current shack. That may tell you something.

New Additions - Joining the Desk Kilowatt (aka "the low boy") on Angle Music is a new addition to the shack, a Collins 30K-4 (aka "the tall boy") serial #142 is now on line.

Vintage SSB - Collins KWM-two and 30Lima-one are on line and going strong.

Recent Revivals - 1942 National Navy RAS receiver & PS. Commercial National Speaker of the era. This is the actual receiver/PS my Dad shipped back from Kodiac Alaska in 1951 while stationed there with the Navy. My 1st introduction to short wave and ham radio came via this receiver. A complete overhaul and repaint has it looking and working FB. Next up was the 1948 Collins 75A-1 for the 30K station...after removal of an SSB detector mod, rewiring, correct tubes and alignment it's playing well again just as Art intended. Recently during a visit to Nashviille, I Picked the "Pickers" ... a Shure 55s microphone ended up coming home with me. Cool Beans!

QSLing - I love to work DX and will QSL. LoTW is highly preferred as I upload my log weekly. For US qsl send a card direct with an SASE enclosed, you will get one back easy enough OK.

Thanks for stopping by.

Member: Twin City DX Association

KØCOM - Michael L. 'Mike' Sell

KØCOM - Michael L. 'Mike' Sell

KØCOM - Michael L. 'Mike' Sell

73, KzeroCOM

March 10, 2018