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Honorary Members

   Paul Godley                                   Montclair, NJ  (from 1953 Yearbook)

   Rosel H. Hyde      SK Republican Idaho    FCC Commissioner     Apr 17, 1946 to Oct 31, 1969
                                             FCC Chairman         Apr 18, 1953 to Apr 18, 1954
                                             FCC Acting Chairman  Apr 19, 1954 to Oct  3, 1954
                                             FCC Acting Chairman  May  1, 1966 to Jun 26, 1966
                                             FCC Chairman         Jun 27, 1966 to Oct 31, 1969

   George E. Sterling SK Republican Maine    FCC Commissioner     Jan  2, 1948 to Sep 30, 1954 

   Robert E. Lee      SK Republican Illinois FCC Commissioner     Oct  6, 1953 to Jun 30, 1981
                                             FCC Interim Chairman Feb  5, 1981 to Apr 12, 1981
                                             FCC Chairman         Apr 13, 1981 to May 18, 1981

   Richard E. Wiley      Republican Illinois FCC Commissioner     Jan  5, 1972 to Oct 13, 1977
                                             FCC Chairman         Mar  8, 1974 to Oct 13, 1977

   Col W.J. Baird     SK AFCEA  (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association)  

The W.J. "Sparky" Baird Award is named after Col. W.J. Baird, USA (Ret.), former general manager of AFCEA and editor
of Signal Magazine, and is presented to the author of the outstanding Signal article of the year. Col. Baird became
editor of Signal in 1956 for 18 years. He assumed additional duty of AFCEA general manager in 1959. That position
became President in 1977 when Dr. Jon L. Boyes took over.

   Janet Walbridge    SK QCWA Office Staff - Jan  1, 2004 to February 28, 2012

   Roberta Cohen                                                  1998 to

Roberta is the XYL of Mort, WA2ARS, and lives in Orlando FL.  She has been very instrumental in many, many aspects
of QCWA for a long period of time.  I am not even going to guess how far back it goes, but I know it was before we
moved to FL in 1998.

She has chosen not to get a ham license, but has sacrificed many hours for QCWA and for ham radio.  In many (most)
cases, she does not have a title, but simply does the work needed, and is not concerned about any recognition.  We
need to recognize the countless hours she has given over many years.

I will not even attempt to list all of the things that Roberta has done for QCWA and for ham radio, but I will
list a few.

1) Roberta did most of the work for the 2002 QCWA convention in Orlando.  She organizes things well, and anyone that
was at the convention will remember that it was terrific.

2)  Chapter 45 was the "vote counting chapter" two election cycles ago.  Roberta did most of this work, and had more
checks on the process than most people could imagine.

3)  Roberta has been the "spark plug" making the Orlando HamCation the event that it is today, with over 10,000 hams,
and the second largest hamfest in the country.  She has been involved for more years than I care to count.  She is
very precise and efficient in everything she does.  As an example, Sue and I ran the swap building at HamCation for
several years.  Roberta not only had double checks on everything to make sure every "I" was dotted and "T" crossed,
but she had triple checks, and in some cases quadruple checks on everything.

4) Technically, Mort is the Treasurer of Chapter 45, and has been for at least 10 years. Mort will be the first to
admit that Roberta does most of the work.  In addition, they have been the treasurer of the Orlando Amateur Radio
Club, one of the largest amateur radio clubs in the country.

5) Roberta is a great help to Sue and I at hamfests.  As an example, at Orlando HamCation a couple weeks ago, Roberta
was at the booth from 7:30 AM to about 6 PM on Friday and Saturday.  She was there the whole time. We joked that we
did allow her bathroom breaks!  On Thursday she was there to set up early in the morning to late in the evening,
with a break to attend the Chapter 45 meeting.  Sunday was shorter since the hamfest ended about 2 PM.  Val Erwin
remarked that she was like the "Energizer Bunny" at HamCation.  She has also helped us with many other hamfests.

The above is just a sampling of some of the things that she does to help QCWA and ham radio.

I would like to highly recommend that an honorary membership in QCWA be presented to Roberta Cohen.

Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
Chair, Chapter Relations Committee
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Roberta has since become licensed (July 19, 2011) and is still very involved with QCWA in Florida and at the National level.  First licensed as KK4CXK and now is WA2FRW.
73, Bob, N0UF, President 08-12