The highlight of the 2017 NE QSO Party in April was undoubtedly the participation of Bob, W7#216;BH, and Lorna, K7#216;WHY, as a rover. In just 5-6 hours they was able to make over 500+ QSOs through 13 counties: Thayer, Nuckolls, Webster, Franklin, Harlan, Furnas, Gosper, Dawson, Buffalo, Phelps, Kearney, Adams, and Clay. Thanks folks, you certainly made the QP fun for lots of stations.


Last year's out-of-state winner was John, N6MU, and John successfully defended his title and was the 2017 winner of the overall out-of-state prize. Beginning last year that prize was a gift certificate to Omaha Steaks, and it will be again. It's not California wine John but hope you can enjoy the beef. Thanks for participating and keeping me company as NE7#216;QP rover. Second out-of-state overall was Lonnie, W2RR, and third place was Barb, N9NM. width=700

And thanks to Ed KS4Y and Joe W8KNO for whom this was their third participation in the last 5 years.

Also, welcome to all the stations that sent in logs this year for the first time:

Alan W4ANT, Larry AH6AX, Bob WØBH, ECDXS W5CP, Peter VE7CV, Sandra KF4EKA, Gary WA4IHI, Dave K5IX, Earl N4JER, Steve KDØJLE, Gary WA2JQZ, Jay WB5K, Stephen KJ4KKD, Cyrus W4LID, Richard WAØLIF, Mack KJ5MA, Mike K3MAW, Smokey K5MKY, Dave AKØMR, Andy N9NBC, Barb N9NM, Stefano IZ3NVR, Patrick KØOO, William KBØPAT, Gerry WA6POZ, Don KØPV, Paul WB9QAF, Joe W5QLF, Mark K1RO, Ken WØSEB, Ethan N1SOH, Joe AA8TA, David AD4TJ, Ron (op'd QRP) W4UT, Alan KA5VZG, Ron AAØW, Bill NM5WB, Walter K4WLG, Bob NA2X, Jackson W4ZPR, and Steve KE3ZT.

WOW! Surely appreciate your participation.


The in-state winner was Joe, WØDB, from Gretna NE with a nice score of about 66k. Joe will receive a plaque for his first place finish. Also with good scores in-state were Bob, KCØJRW, from Kearney, in second place, and Darren, KØSZ, from Hastings in third place. We did not have as many NE stations on the air as we would have liked, and surely appreciated your activity.

The club winner was the Bellevue ARC, WØWYV. For the second year in a row they made the NE QSO Party a club special event, operated from the park in the center of Bellevue, and had 17 visitors. Thanks especially to Tom, WDØBFO and others (Jon, Ray, Bruce, and Dennis) who worked to make it happen.

We had six NE stations who logged digital QSOs, more than we have ever had. Leading the group was Darren, KØSZ, from Hastings with 78 QSOs, a close second was Bob, KCØJRW, from Kearney with 61 QSOs, and in third place was Dudley, KDØNMD, from Bellevue with 19 QSOs. Thanks gentlemen for making the digital world more alive with NE stations.

We wish to note that (except for QCWA club members) in the last five years, only Shawn, WØSST, from Valpariso NE has operated and made an entry to the QSO Party for all five years! Thanks Shawn, glad that you join us each year.


Next year we hope to have the summary sheet more automatic and user friendly, and have more NE operators on the air (especially Phone).

2017 was Nebraska's Sesquicentennial, its 150th anniversary of Statehood, and hams across the state have been operating with 1x1 calls or (their call)/NE150 in celebration. The QSO Party in April was offically a part of the year long NE150 celebration (see www.ne150hams.org for more information), so anyone who would like an NE150 special event card should send an SASE to the NE station you worked and request a card.

Hope to CU on the air.

73 Fred KBØLF