August 9, 2017

From QCWA Headquarters

QCWA Bulletin 2017-007 - Radio Club of America Announces 2017 Award Recipients And Fellows

Minneapolis (August 7, 2017) - Shining a spotlight on outstanding achievements in the field of wireless communications, The Radio Club of America (RCA) announces its 2017 award recipients and Fellows. Winners will be celebrated at RCA's 108th Banquet & Awards Presentation on Friday, November 17, 2017 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Dr. Ulrich Rohde, N1UL for significant achievements and a major body of work accomplished over a lifetime that has advanced the art and science of radio and wireless technology.

Armstrong Medal: Dr. Eli Brookner for outstanding achievements and lasting contributions to the radio arts and sciences and wireless communications.

Sarnoff Citation: Dr. James Breakall, WA3FET for exceptional contributions of a technical or non-technical nature to the advancement of electronic communications.

Fred M. Link Award: Peter J. Madsen, K2PM for notable achievements in land mobile radio communications.

Barry Goldwater Amateur Radio Award: Michael Kalter, W8CI for unique contributions to the field of amateur radio.

Ralph Batcher Memorial Award: Thomas F. Peterson, Jr. for significant work in preserving the history of radio and electronic communications.

Vivian A. Carr Award: Dr. Mary Ann Weitnauer for outstanding achievements by a woman in the wireless industry.

Jack Poppele Award: Robert Hobday, N2EVG for important and long-term contributions to the field of radio broadcasting.

Special Services Award: Charles Kirmuss, W0CBK for his many contributions to RCA's Youth Activities Program as a sponsor and volunteer.

2017 RCA Fellows
Elevation to Fellow is made by nomination only to members in good standing for at least the previous five years and whose contributions to the art and science of radio communications, broadcast or the Radio Club of America are deemed outstanding.

David P. Bart, KB9YPD
Dr. Nathan Cohen, W1YW
Brent Finster, K6BEF
Cheryl J. Greathouse
Sean Johnson
James M. Roden, W5JR
Bruce Roloson, W2BDR
Nancy Smith

2017 RCA Award Recipients

For a full listing of RCA Awards and previous recipients, visit>.

About RCA
Founded in 1909, the Radio Club of America is the oldest, most prestigious group of wireless communications professionals in the world, with members across the globe. Its members are dedicated to the wireless art and science for the betterment of society. The Radio Club of America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all contributions made to RCA are tax exempt. For more information, visit

QCWA wishes to congratulate QCWA member award winners Peter J. Madsen, K2PM and Michael Kalter, W8CI on their achievements.

Ken Oelke, VE6AFO
President, Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc.