January 7, 2017

From QCWA Headquarters


QCWA Bulletin 2017-001 - QCWA 70th Anniversary Charity Cruise - October 2017

This is an update about our exciting 70th Anniversary Charity Cruise. For those considering sailing with us in October 2017, Holland America is currently offering a wonderful promotion that includes a reduced rate and bonus Ship Board Credits. This rate is now lower than what was quoted in the January issue of the QCWA Journal.

Beginning January 30th, for TWO weeks until February 10th, White Travel is offering a booking incentive. If you book during these two weeks you will receive additional on-board credits.

The White Travel booking incentive combined with the current View &Verandah promotion, along with the special group amenities negotiated for the QCWA, will be the best offer yet.

However, if you wish to wait until January 30th, we do not know if the rate quoted today will be the same, lower or higher. This promotion is to expire on February 28th, so it should still be valid until then, BUT it could be withdrawn.

An option would be to book now, pay the deposit of $1200 per room, and then wait to see what happens.


On January 30th, White Travel will again check the rates. If the rate at that time is better, White Travel will cancel the original booking and rebook you with the better rate.

CAVEAT - we are not sure how quick your refund will go back on your credit card. You may have to make another deposit toward the better booking rate. If there is no rate change, your booking will stay as it is, and you will be ahead of the game.

If you wish to book now, or find out more information - please call White Travel toll free at 1-800-547-4790.

Please remember, QCWA will only benefit if you book through White Travel only. They will negotiate on our behalf for the best rates possible with Holland America. Booking with White Travel will guarantee your invitation to all cocktail parties, a complimentary dinner in the Pinncale Grill, along with special events and planned on-board activities.

When you call, please have full names as they are on your passports, dates of birth and complete contact information.

Ken Oelke, VE6AFO
President, Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc.