August 22, 2015

From QCWA Headquarters

QCWA Bulletin 2015-014 - QCWA Life Member Larry Lambert, NØLL Works FFMA 

On behalf of the QCWA Board of Directors, we wish to congratulate QCWA Life
Member # 25872, Larry Lambert, N0LL, on his recent accomplishment in working
a rare grid square on 6 meters, FN67 with VE9IQ, to complete working all 488
grid squares in the lower 48 states for the Fred Fish, W5FF, Memorial Award (FFMA).

The FFMA is an "all-or-nothing" award. You must submit confirmation of 2-way
contact with all 488 grid squares on 50 MHz in order to qualify. There are no
endorsements and no recognized tiers of progression. Any mode may be used.
The rules for the award will strictly follow the rules of the ARRL VUCC program.
Of particular importance is VUCC Rule 6, which states that all QSOs submitted
for credit must be made within the same 200 km circle.

Lambert is the 6th person to go on the esteem list for working the FFMA. Also
notable is ARRL First Vice President, and QCWA Life Member # 29027, Rick Roderick, K5UR, who was # 3 to work the FFMA.

FFMA # - Call - Name - QTH - Last Grid - Award Date  
1 W5FF (SK) Fred Fish DM64 (NM) FN64 2008 - Oct-25*   
2 W5OZI Pat Rose EM00 (TX) CM79 2010 - July-08   
3 K5UR Rick Roderick EM35 (AR) FN57 2010 - Jul-29   
4 KMØA Mark Ammann EM48 (MO) CM93 2011 - Jun-29   
5 WD5K Thomas Johnson EM12 (TX) CN77 2011 - Jul-28   
*awarded posthumously 

A map of the most wanted grid squares for the FFMA can be found at FFMA_2010Map-C.pdf

For more information on the FFMA, visit FFMA_Announcement.pdf

Ken Oelke, VE6AFO
President, Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc.