November 1, 2013

From QCWA Headquarters

QCWA Bulletin 2013-019 - QCWA Board Of Directors Fills Director Vacancy

The QCWA Board of Directors are pleased to announce the appointment of
John Johnston, W3BE, to fill the recent Director vacancy of Val Erwin,
W5PUT. Johnston can be reached at

Johnston has been licensed for 59 years and resides in Derwood, MD, He
is a Life Member of QCWA, and a member of QCWA Chapters 20, 91, 45 and 222.

He is a past QCWA Director, Vice-President and President. He is a
contributing editor of, 'The Rules & Regs Digest' for the QCWA Journal.

Following a two-decade long career in research and development engineering,
principally with GE/RCA, Johnston served for 26 years with the Federal
Communications Commission carrying out regulatory duties with the Office
of Engineering and with the series of bureaus administering the private
radio services. Positions held included Deputy Chief, Spectrum Management
Task Force and Chief, Amateur and Citizens Division. 

Ken Oelke, VE6AFO
President, QCWA Inc.