Date:October 31, 2013

From QCWA Headquarters

QCWA Bulletin 2013-017 - Former QCWA Director Blanche Randles, W4GXZ - Silent Key

It is with sadness to report news of Blanche Randles, W4GXZ, becoming a Silent Key
on Monday, October 14, 2013. She was 95.

Randles was elected to the QCWA Board of Directors in 2004, and because of her
failing health, resigned in 2007.

In 1987 Blanche thought of an idea to bring the QCWA Journal to its sight impaired
members. Her idea was approved by the QCWA Board, and she was appointed the QCWA
Audio Taping Coordinator up until 2008.

Randles was a QCWA and ARRL Life Member. 

Her obituary and bio are available on our Website at;


Ken Oelke, VE6AFO
President, QCWA Inc.