From QCWA Headquarters
QCWA Bulletin 2013 - 008 - Spring QCWA QSO Party - March 16, 2013

QCWA Activities Manager Ted Edwards, W3TB, has just been informed by software
guru for the N1MM logging program, John Bednar, K3CT, that all is ready to go
for the QCWA QSO Party. QCWA thanks John Bednar for the short notice updates to
N1MM Logger for the QCWA QSO Party. N1MM is a freeware program.

If you are still using an older version of N1MM, you will need to download the
latest update and enable 13.02.03 or later updates for N1MM Logger to work properly.
Earlier versions will not work. The full N1MM Logger can be found by going to;

QCWA Club station W2MM will be checking both CW and SSB during the hour and
operating on 10 Meters if open and busy; otherwise 15 Meters. All operation in
General Class portions of bands near frequencies published in the Rules. CW
operation will be at 20 WPM; will QRS as necessary. Other hours by operatorís choice.

The Rules can be found by going to;

Starting frequencies published in the Rules, adjusted for QRM:

CW:   1.810     3.540    7.035     14.040     21.050     28.050
SSB:  1.845     3.810    7.244     14.262     21.365     28.325

Below is the QCWA Club station, W2MM, schedule for March 16, 2013 Spring QCWA QSO Party.

UTC Hour             Band Choices; Frequencies As Published In The Rules

1800                        10m if open; otherwise 15m
1900                        20m
2000                        10m if open; otherwise 15m
2100                        20m

0000                        40m
0100                        80/75m
0200                        40m                 
0300                        80/75m
0400                        160m

1500                        40m
1600                        20m
1700                        15m
September 7, 2013 Fall QCWA QSO Party

Looking forward to the September 7th QCWA QSO Party, Activities Manager
Ted Edwards, W3TB, is now booking reservations for anyone who wishes to
use and put club station W2MM on the air to provide the 100 bonus points
for this station. You can contact Ted at;

Ken Oelke, VE6AFO
President, QCWA