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How to generate a approximately WHEN FIRST LICENSED LIST.

Go to the QCWA Web site and down load the membership
directory for your call area.  This will be a PDF file.

Each entry in the directory will have year first licensed
for each member.

You are only interested in: K#, WA#, WB# and KA#, WITH A
3 letter suffix.  W# and 1 by 2 and 2 by 1 calls will not
do you any good.  Vanity calls will screw things up.

For example if you find K#AAA and year licensed is 1955.

Go to the K#A column and enter 1955.  Go through all the
calls in the directory for your call area, use some common
sense and you will have a list when various calls were

It won't answer all your questions, but it sure beats
nothing, which is what you have now.  I've done the
5 and 0 list.  If you want the rest of them, get off your
butt and put them togeather.

Best regards,


A special thanks to Gene for his efforts in making
this information available to all of us to help in our
recruiting efforts.  If you check the monthly new members
lists, Gene's name regularly appears as a sponsor.

After you generate the list for your call area, forward
it to me and I'll post it on the web and credit you for
your efforts.

73 de NØUF Bob -  Web Master