AJ4WD - Rachel A. Weiss AJ4WD

Rachel A. Weiss
Vero Beach, FL

QCWA # 36650

Who am I? I'm an Electronics Engineer; Computer Engineer; Information Technology Specialist; Computer Capacity Planner; Project Manager; Security Specialist; Systems Architect; Photographer; Backpacker; Bowler; Down Hill Skier; Sailor; Skywarn Spotter, a parent to three beautiful daughters and an Amateur Radio Operator (Amateur Extra Class).

My passion for electronics started while I was in elementary school. Across the street from my elementary school lived a "Ham Radio" enthusiast. One day he and his dad were installing a tower on top of the garage roof. This activity caught my interest and thus started a conversation that lead to my novice license. I was a member of the Electronics Club in Jr. High School and built all my equipment (Heathkit, Graymark, Elkco, and the like). This passion continued through my years at Polytechnic University. I participated in LIMARC events, Field Days, and Hamfests. At Poly I designed and built a QRP transceiver which I proudly took with me on backpacking expeditions and worked 10 meters from the High Peaks of the Adirondacks and Catskill mountains in New York State.

Well my career, marriage and children led to a separation from Amateur Radio. Now the children are grown; the marriage has ended and I am back (Amateur Extra: AJ4WD)!I am eager to share the excitement of Amateur Radio (hobby) with both young and old. The hobby has seen many changes; some for the better and some needing a shot of enthusiasm. The technology has advanced - we've moved away from Vacuum Tube Finals to solid state. We've perfected the variable oscillator eliminating the need for a box of frequency crystals. We've even added PL tones to prevent skip signals from taking over our 2 Meter Repeaters. We've seen miniaturization - an HT the size of a lunch box is now the size of a Cell Phone. And we've seen the loss of Morse Code.

At Bergen Amateur Radio Association (BARA) we've seen growth in our membership. Yet many clubs are seeing flat and declining membership. My hope is that my enthusiasm and the enthusiasm of others new to this Service Organization called "Amateur Radio" might ignite involvement of the youth through Generation "X" and grow new operators which in turn will grow the clubs around the world. I have just been elected as the first female president of BARA (January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014)

My excitement and passion has not changed. I am an ARRL Life Member. I am a Technical Specialist for the Bergen County (NJ) Office of Emergency Communications. I am involved with my local Amateur Radio Clubs (BARA, FLRES, and VBARC) and look forward to serving my community in times of need.

June 17, 2015