AJ4IC - Armand G. Ouellette AJ4IC

Armand G. Ouellette
Winter Springs, FL

QCWA # 37585
Chapter 45

N1OMY (T) / KI4UYI (G) / AJ4IC (E)

NAQCC # 5255 SKCC # 7019 QRP-ARCI # 14398 QCWA

Just a wrinkled up... little old man at 6'6" ... and a cadaver skinny 270 lbs. (O.K... maybe my father was French...... but my mother was a grizzly bear) - Retired from Massachusetts State Police 1997 (ooh rah)... (Lawrence / Waltham / So. Yarmouth) - In 2013, I retired from the Orange County Sheriff's Office (C.I.D.) in Orlando FL, capping off well over 40 yrs in law enforcement (and I'm still a Reserve Deputy Sheriff) - Navy DD & SSBN Vet. (USS Bache DDE 470 & Thomas Jefferson SSBN 618) College professor (Forensics Sciences and Criminal Justice studies ).

Also maintain summer home on Cape Cod (So. Yarmouth MA) As of Spring 2013, an "official snow bird"............... summers up - winters down.

Dummy load for XYL Johanna (non ham) - 4 first harmonics (2&2) with 7 second harmonics (3 girls & 4 boys) - all over northern New England. SWL for a few hundred years , then neighbor / friend / mentor / elmer - Bill Wade (K1IJ) shamed me into getting licensed - will always be grateful - thanks a million Bill .....

Recently acquired only the second 100W HF rig I've ever owned, (Icom 706 MK II G) luv it - luv it - luv it. I have never owned a tower or a beam-- never had or used an amplifier-- I've never had a phone contact from Asia -- I guess you could say I never got out of amateur radio little league - I can place my entire ham shack in a Pelican case (and do just that.......twice a year) IC706 MKIIG / MFJ 4225MV PS / Z-11 PRO II TUNER / mike & key .....couldn't be easier - yet, I'm just as content as I would be with a big gun station. That's what is soooo great about our hobby, infinite choices on eqpt style, radiated power, operating modes, investments, antennas, home brew..etc..etc..etc.

Work some digital, (PSK)... can be found mostly on mid bands..(17 / 20 / 40) phone.. and cw but just as likely all over the bands. Because of so many antenna restrictions in FL. I use a G5RV (easier to hide) ... not the best ... can't play in the majors with the big kids ... but it works for me - G5 also at the Cape Cod shack, but at least that one's in taller trees - soooooooo, never hesitate to give a shout if you hear me freeing some electrons.

73 Armand

January 24, 2018